Saturday, March 21

Made it to Colorado!!!

Ok so it's been a while I know, but things have been crazy. We have moved to Colorado over the last two weeks. We are here we made it with all our stuff and the dog (Mr. Saffron). Every thing is in storage right now, not the dog. We are currently staying with my brother in-law in the Morrison area. They have a very nice house and have been very gracious to let us and Mr. Saffron stay with them for a whole month.

We found a very nice house to rent last week, but it's not available until the first of April, so we are stuck in transition mode until then. Which also means that all my crafting stuff is stuck in storage until after that time. Which means no crafting tutorials or posts until after then, also. BUMMER!

Lots is going to be happening over the next couple of weeks and months. I am currently looking for a part time job and beginning the application process to obtain my Massage Therapy license in the state of Colorado. I am very excited to get my license and set up a massage room in our new home. The city of Littleton doesn't have an regulations against doing massage out of your home. This is great because it means I can work from home and slowly build up clientele until I have enough to afford my own office again. Plus the house we are renting has plenty of room and rooms for me to do this plus have a craft space. YEAH! Oh and Chris (my husband) will get an office room too and a game room area. There is also a huge walk in closet in the fully finished basement that I will be ablte organize all my craft supplies and massage supplies in. Finally I will be organized and effecient, I hope.

Let's see what else.......oh yeah! Chris and I are going to attempt a new business venture. We are going to start our own sampler business, but with a couple of twists. I will tell a little about it now but go into more detail later. We are going to use recycled and recyclable packing only, for shipping the samplers. So they will look different every time them come and we will be helping the environment too. Also all of our samplers will be themed. And there will be absolutely no Avon, Mary Kay, Arrbone or anything else like it in our samplers. Oh and no items from recruiters or direct marketing people or anyone else along these lines. We promise to bring only good quality usable sample size items from indie artists, crafters, artists, etc.

So like I said lot's will be happening over the next two weeks to two months. But I will try to blog more often until things settle down. I don't expect to have any crafting posts until late April early May, it is going to take me a little while to get unpacked and organized. I want to take my time and do it right the first time so I don't have to do things over again or redo.

Well be sure to leave me some comments I would love to hear from you. And if you are not already following my blog, please do. Lot's of interesting things are coming in the near future.

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