Monday, February 23

Made It To Vegas

Ok so we are really moving to Colorado. Which means a lot, we have till Thursday March 5th to pack up the apartment in San Jose, CA move all if it's contents to our house in Las Vegas, NV (my husband will be doing this). I have till then to pack up the whole house in Las Vegas, yes that's right I said the whole house, by myself. Well at least he can help with little is left when he gets here on Monday March 2nd. But I won't be by myself all week. I also have company coming into town for Nascar races, my father in-law and one of his hunting buddies, so that will be nice.
Oh and until then no worries I have my playful pain in the but Saffron with me (border collie/black lab mix, 85lbs).

So I made it to Las Vegas babie. I drove in yesterday and got in at about 7pm after a nine hour drive from San Jose, CA. Unpacked t
he back of my truck got the dog settled and cleaned up his mess. He doesn't remember our house as home because it's been so long so he decided to mark the side of my nice new couch, little punk. (hence the pain in the but comment earlier) Hopefully because I was able to hit it with cleaner right away the couch won't be ruined by him or the cleaner. Luckily he has bad aim and got most of it on the tile floor next to the side of the couch.

Well enough about Mr. Saffron, more adventures with him later. I didn't sleep well last night so I am off to a slow start this morning, but I am drinking my glass of fruit and vegetable juice to get me going, it's great it has a whole days servings of fruits and vegetables in one 4oz glass and it's organic. Can't beat that.

So I have to go start looking for moving boxes now, get things organized, take pictures and post some furniture for sale on Craig's list. Gotta love Craig's list, best free classified website out there, as long as people don't have your postings deleted for unknown reason (another story, sorry). More to come on my moving adventures and how I supposedly have to organize and pack all my craft stuff along with my whole house and life in 1 week. Eeeeehhhhhh!!!!!

Thursday, February 19


I am moving to Colorado within the next 2 weeks so I will be auctioning off items over the next several days. Most of these items will be items from my etsy shop. All the items most go as soon as possible. My moving budget is very tight and the less I have to move the better, also every little bit helps.

First Item Up For AUCTION

Turk the Turkey
This handsome turkey is nicknamed "Turk" the Turkey and he needs a fun loving home.

His tail feathers are his wonderful leaf coasters.
He fits on any coffee table, end table, kitchen table or shelf. His coaster leaves make wonderful fall decorations for any occasion and protect your nice furniture at the same time.

You get Turk the Turkey with his 4 different color leaves as tail feathers. He brings with him 12 additional leaf coasters. Three of each color.

Take him home today while you can. He is the only one of his kind.

Turk and his coaster leaves are made out of acrylic worsted weight yarn.

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm or cold gentle cycle, or hand wash. Tumble dry low, best if lay flat to dry. I recommend using a lingerie bag for machine washing/drying.

: This item will ship via USPS First Class Mail with delivery conformation
Cost: $3.95

Forms of Payment Accepted: PayPal or Visa & Mastercard through Propay

Auction Starts: Friday February 20th at 9:00am (pst)
Auction Ends: Saturday February 21st at 9:00pm (pst)

Auction Rules
1) The bidding will begin at 9:00am (pacific time) 2/20 after I have posted the comment "the bidding will now begin with....."
2) You may now place your bids by leaving a comment with your bid amount.
3) You must make sure to leave your email address or etsy address in one of your bid posts that way you can be contacted if you are the winning bidder
4) By posting a bid you agree to pay the amount that you bid if you are the winning bidder.
5) Please do no bid if you do not intend to pay.
6) The last person to bid before the close of auction is the winning bidder.
7) The auction will ended at 9:00pm (pacific time), I will announce that the auction bidding is now closed. Any bid placed after 9:00pm 2/21 will not count as a valid bid.
8) The winning bidder will be contacted via email or through etsy and will be sent an invoice from either PayPal or Propay, which ever is agreed upon.
9) Payment is expected with 48 hours of the close of auction. If payment is not received the item will then be offered to the next highest bidder.
10) The item will ship as soon as payment has cleared.

Wednesday, February 18

New Contest!!!

Here is the contest:

Starting from right now (Wednesday February 18th 12:28pm pst) the next 5 people to make a purchase in my shop of any kind (pif's don't count) will be entered in to a drawing to win this lovely set of crocheted wash cloths.

The winner will be picked randomly on Sunday February 22nd. Which means the contest ends at 11:59pm (pst) on Saturday
February 21st.

If only on person makes a purchase then that one person wins, if only two people make purchases then the winner will be picked from the two people and so on. Up to 5 entries total. So your chance of winning is very good, 1 in 5.

I will post the winner here on my blog at the bottom of this posting so make sure to bookmark this posting so you can check and see who the winner is.

So here is the basic contest info:
Contest - Be one of the next 5 people to make a purchase in my shop and be entered to win. (pif's do not count)
Wednesday February 18th @ 12:28pm (pst)
Ends: Saturday February 21st. @ 11:59pm (pst)
Prize: set of crocheted wash cloths

Good luck to you all!!!


So no one took advantage of my Day After Valentine's Day Sale & Contest. Which means no one won the set of crocheted wash cloths.

So I am going to have to run a new contest.

Details to come shortly.

Sunday, February 15

A Sale & A Contest All In One!!!

YEAH!!!! A Sale, I always love a good sale so I decided to have my own awesome sale.

A Day After Valentine's Day Sale
Everything in my shop is 20% off the listed price......Today Only!

So what are you waiting for hurry over to my shop and visit my sale, you are sure to find something you will like. Make sure to grab it before it is gone.

And for some extra special fun let's have a CONTEST.
The 5th person to make a purchase from my shop today will receive a set of crocheted wash cloths just like these

Friday, February 13

YEAH!!! Finally Got A Sale......

I am so excited I loged in to my etsy shop tonight and to my suprise there was a sale. I wasn't sure if the person was going to make the purchase, because I hadn't heard back from them. But I went ahead and created the custom listing any way, sent them the link and they made the purchase. YEAH!

I guess sometimes you just have to go for it even if your not sure. It made it easier for the person and they didn't have to wait for me to create the listing after the responded to my response. I don't usually do that but it worked out great this time.

Here is what I sold
Mini Heart Pins.

You can find more of these for sale right here on my blog or in my etsy shop.

Off to make some hearts. Talk to you all later. Night. =)

Thursday, February 12

New Craft Project....Repurposed Envelpes

I am so excited, I have been having so many thoughts running through my head lately about new crafty things I can make that are recycled/up-cycled/re-purposed what ever you want to call it.

I wasn't feeling well yesterday and was on the couch all day so I decided it would be a good time to start one of my many ideas.

I am working on envelopes made from old magazine pages, I am making all different sizes and will be listing them in my etsy shop very soon.

I am so proud of myself I managed to get through almost a whole magazine yesterday even with a massive migraine and the dog (Mr.Saffron) barking at me in the background.

I will post pictures latter today.

If you have any ideas of recycled items I can make and sell or you would like to see available in my shop please send them to me or leave a comment here. Thanks.

Send your ideas and suggestions to

More posts coming soon.

Monday, February 2

I Just Love Contests!!!

You Gotta Love A Good Giveaway!!!! And This One Is!

Check this out ( is having a contest for FREE ad space right at the top of her blog. Yes that's right I said FREE!!! For a whole week. This is awsome.

Her blog is so much fun, you have to check it out. She has been featured on several sites and she has all kinds of fun things going on all the time, just check out her posts.

She is a maker of wonderful handmade jewelry and crochet items. You must take a look at her etsy shop

Enter Her Contest Here

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