Sunday, June 28

"An Apple A Day" Bear Hanging Kitchen Towels

Fun, Festive, Patriotic and a Cute reminder to eat "An Apple A Day"!

These hanging kitchen towels make a great addition to any home. Give them as a gift for housewarming, host(es) at a party, co-worker, birthday, friend or family member. You can package them in a gift basket with a bunch of kitchen cooking utensils or a place mat & napkin set. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in! It was awes...Image via Wikipedia

I don't have any more of this towel print, this is the only set available.

Get it while you can. Click here to purchase now.

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Chocolate Banana Pops A Fun Frozen Treat

I found this fascinating post today here is a quote from the original post on

"School is out in most places and warmer weather has arrived. The sounds of the street are filled with children's laughter and the catchy jingle of the ice cream man. Stop there parents — you won't need to shell out for overpriced and unhealthy treats anymore. Instead, try this cheaper make-at-home cold summer treat, a great way to get healthy fruit into our kids with a little something special.

This is a fun project for kids to help with. They will enjoy coming up with interesting ways of decorating their own "popsicle." Who doesn't love an ice cold treat when it's hot outside?"

Katie Goodman, Chocolate Banana Pops, June 2009

You should read the whole article. (This is a reblog)
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There's Still Time................

...........................To receive this wonderful festive patriotic table set for 4th of July. Celebrate in style. It makes a wonderful host(es) gift also. Get it today before it's gone.

Friday, June 19

4th of July Contest!!!!

You could win!!!
A 4th of July Crocheted Hanging Kitchen Towel

Here's how the contest works.
1) Take a look at my patriotic items listed for sale in my Etsy shop
2) Come back here and post a comment telling me which one you like best and why
3)Post a comment for any of my patriotic item blog posts telling me what you think of the item.
4)Make sure to leave your name and email or link to your etsy shop in your postings so you can be contacted if you are the winner and so that you will receive an entry for each posting.
5)Add yourself as a follower here on my blog

You receive one entry for each thing, so you could receive 3 entries total in the drawing.

The name will be randomly pulled from a basket on Monday June 29th. All entries must be received by 12pm (mountain time) on Monday June 29th.

The winner will be posted after 12pm (MT) on Monday June 29th and the item will be shipped by July 1st.

I will contact the winner right away to get shipping information. If I do not hear back from the winner by 9am (MT) June 30th then I will draw another winner. Please make sure to check back here to see who the winner is.

Have fun and good luck!
I can't wait to read your comments.
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Celebrate this 4th of July In Style!

Celebrate in style this 4th of July with this fun & festive table ware/picnic set.

I just posted my very first patriotic item for this 4th of July season. It is for sale now in my etsy shop. I know it's a little late but there is still plenty of time to buy it and receive before 4th of July. Better late than never.

This is my first attempt at making a table ware set or picnic set. It consists of 4 place mats, 4 napkins, 4 napkin rings and 2 crocheted hanging kitchen towels. It comes in a patriotic gift basket wrapped in red cellophane and completed with a red, white & blue ribbon bow.

It will make a great host(es) gift for this years 4th of July BBQ.

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Thursday, June 11

Crazy Times!!!

Well once again I know it has been a while since I have posted. And once again life is crazy and getting in the way. Guess that's life for ya.

Well I am working on not letting life get in the way anymore but instead to make life work for me in my way. It's been interesting so far, but it's a work in progress like everything. Slowly but surely is the key. But sometimes I really wish I could just snap my fingers or wiggle my nose and it would all be done and ready to work the way I want it to. (hahaha!) It will never happen that way, so I just keep trying to pick away at things a little at a time.

I think I am finely recovered from my 3-4 week illness back in April, but I am still feeling tired and exhausted all the time. I am thinking about finding a new doctor that may be able to help me figure this problem out. We'll see how that goes.

But in the meantime I getting back in the swing of things. I am working regularly for a Chiropractic office doing marketing/chair massage events, on a part-time basis. It seems to be going well. I am also working a little bit every day to get my crafting space in the basement organized. I think I have finely passed the half way point with it. I forgot to take pictures of the space before I got started so that I could share the progression with you. But I am going to take pictures today and post them later. I know you can't wait to see them. Better late than never right. I have also been working on new items to post to my Etsy store, when & where I can. Mostly crochet items because that's all I have access to right now and even that is limited. But not for long. My Etsy shop is in vacation mode right now, because everything is currently under construction, my store and my home studio. But it will all be back up and running soon.

Well I better get back to work. Just felt the need to blog a little since I haven't done it in a while. But I will be doing it more and more often. And soon you will be reading my random thoughts and crafting adventures all the time.

Have a great day and happy crafting.

P.S. I had to shut down "The Adventures of Mr. Saffron" blog for now, no followers, and to hard to keep up with. But I will still share pictures of him with everyone here.

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