Wednesday, April 29

New Section Mr. Saffron's Adventures

Ok so, I am starting a new section here on my blog to add a little diversity to what is supposed to be a crafting blog. (I am still working on this by the way.) This new section is going to be all about the adventures of my border collie/black lab Mr. Saffron. (aka: Saffron & Houdini)

The section is titled The Adventures of Mr. Saffron.....A loving & friendly Border Collie/Black Lab.

I am going to write about his daily adventures, his mischievousness, his thoughts, his dreams and anything else he tells me too. Some of the postings will be from Saffron himself, but most will be from me. We will include pictures whenever possible. And we hope you will share pictures & comments with us about your four legged friends. Mr. Saffron loves making new friends, even virtual ones.

So please make sure to bookmark his page so you can visit him frequently.


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