Monday, February 23

Made It To Vegas

Ok so we are really moving to Colorado. Which means a lot, we have till Thursday March 5th to pack up the apartment in San Jose, CA move all if it's contents to our house in Las Vegas, NV (my husband will be doing this). I have till then to pack up the whole house in Las Vegas, yes that's right I said the whole house, by myself. Well at least he can help with little is left when he gets here on Monday March 2nd. But I won't be by myself all week. I also have company coming into town for Nascar races, my father in-law and one of his hunting buddies, so that will be nice.
Oh and until then no worries I have my playful pain in the but Saffron with me (border collie/black lab mix, 85lbs).

So I made it to Las Vegas babie. I drove in yesterday and got in at about 7pm after a nine hour drive from San Jose, CA. Unpacked t
he back of my truck got the dog settled and cleaned up his mess. He doesn't remember our house as home because it's been so long so he decided to mark the side of my nice new couch, little punk. (hence the pain in the but comment earlier) Hopefully because I was able to hit it with cleaner right away the couch won't be ruined by him or the cleaner. Luckily he has bad aim and got most of it on the tile floor next to the side of the couch.

Well enough about Mr. Saffron, more adventures with him later. I didn't sleep well last night so I am off to a slow start this morning, but I am drinking my glass of fruit and vegetable juice to get me going, it's great it has a whole days servings of fruits and vegetables in one 4oz glass and it's organic. Can't beat that.

So I have to go start looking for moving boxes now, get things organized, take pictures and post some furniture for sale on Craig's list. Gotta love Craig's list, best free classified website out there, as long as people don't have your postings deleted for unknown reason (another story, sorry). More to come on my moving adventures and how I supposedly have to organize and pack all my craft stuff along with my whole house and life in 1 week. Eeeeehhhhhh!!!!!


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