Wednesday, February 18

New Contest!!!

Here is the contest:

Starting from right now (Wednesday February 18th 12:28pm pst) the next 5 people to make a purchase in my shop of any kind (pif's don't count) will be entered in to a drawing to win this lovely set of crocheted wash cloths.

The winner will be picked randomly on Sunday February 22nd. Which means the contest ends at 11:59pm (pst) on Saturday
February 21st.

If only on person makes a purchase then that one person wins, if only two people make purchases then the winner will be picked from the two people and so on. Up to 5 entries total. So your chance of winning is very good, 1 in 5.

I will post the winner here on my blog at the bottom of this posting so make sure to bookmark this posting so you can check and see who the winner is.

So here is the basic contest info:
Contest - Be one of the next 5 people to make a purchase in my shop and be entered to win. (pif's do not count)
Wednesday February 18th @ 12:28pm (pst)
Ends: Saturday February 21st. @ 11:59pm (pst)
Prize: set of crocheted wash cloths

Good luck to you all!!!


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