Monday, January 5

Etsy Sellers Link Exchange

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful fellow ETSY sellers who are participating in a link exchange with me.

The goal is to help drive more traffic to our ETSY shops for most and then our blogs and websites, to help promote each other and increase our sales.

We are all indie artists of some sort and we support the handmade/handcrafted community and we hope you do too.

If you are an Etsy shop owner interested in participating, please leave a comment below with a link to your etsy shop and your blog if you have one. I will contact you via etsy convo's to set up the link exchange.

Check out some of the wonderful sellers on ETSY.

Read more about The Speckled Pear in it's Blog.
Make sure to visit The Speckled Pear Etsy Shop Today!

Dayzee Love Designs
Making Art Accessible

Creative photography and abstract digital art.
Read more about Dayzee Love in it's Blog.
Dayzee Love
Make sure to visit Dayzee Love Etsy Shop Today!

The Beaded Heart

Handmade beaded items & beading supplies.
Read more about The Beaded Heart in it's Blog.
The Beaded Heart
Make sure to visit The Beaded Heart Etsy Shop Today!

My Bellas Beads

Glass Beaded Jewelry & Accessories
Find My Bellas Beads on Facebook.
My Bella Facebook
Make sure to visit My Bellas Beads Etsy Shop Today!
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Julie Boland said...

Looks good Country!

Anonymous said...

I like it! :D

Dayzee Love said...

Thanks for that Country, it's nice to link up :)

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