Tuesday, January 27

Valentine's Day Gift Bag Project - DIY

This is my very first video ever made and my very first how to video.

We are goint to make a Valentine's Day Gift Bag. This is the first of two videos in this series.

The materials you will need to follow along with this video are:
a paper gift bag
fabric of your choice
fabric scissors
tacky craft glue

Please rate this video and let me know what you think of it, your comments are greatly appreciated.


Jen said...

Very quick, easy, and well done. My daughters can even do it...which I love! Thanks for sharing!

CountryCottageCrafts said...

Great to hear Jen, thank you for the comment.

Charsbeads4u said...

Very cute idea! I think you did an awesome job on your video and I can't wait to see your next one! =)

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