Tuesday, January 27

YEAH!!! Got a Job Finally And More!!!

Hey everybody so I found a job, yeah!

I am working as a product demonstrator for a small company here in San Jose. The woman that owns and runs it is very nice and easy to get a long with, a plus. The demonstrations are mostly of food (food tasting yummy) and some nutritional supplements from time to time. So far only food, good thing I can cook.

I will be doing the demos mostly in Whole Foods Stores in and around the San Jose area. From time to time I will travel to San Francisco to some different natural foods stores. So far it's fun, a little boring at times but that's ok, I can't complain.

I can't wait for my first paycheck though, I hope it comes soon. I could really use it. I haven't had any sales in my etsy shop for a while. I could still really use some sales so I can list some new items and cover bills until I get my first paycheck.

I don't need to raise a whole lot on etsy only about $100 at least $200 at most. Every little bit helps.

I have items for as low as $1.50, check out my wonderful Heart Magnets/Pins. Just in time for Valentine's Day. They make great co-worker or student gifts.

Mini Heart Magnets or Pins

Well I hope to be making more crafty posts on here very soon.

I am currently working on a wonderful crocheted heart box. Yes a box and the whole thing is crocheted, well except for the cardboard heart pieces. I bet you can't wait to see it. I will post on it soon.

So keep coming back to check out what I am up to and what weird turns my life will take next.
Leave me a comment, tell me how you are doing, is life just as crazy as mine or crazier.


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