Saturday, January 17

Life is Crazy!!!!

Sorry it's been a while since I have posted. Things have been crazy. I got back on Monday from San Diego and seeing my grandmother. Good news is she is still with us and made it through the surgery to put a stent in her heart with no complications. Not so good news is she is having problems from the several mini strokes she has had. So she is currently in an after care facility going through rehab and physical therapy, which she doesn't like.

I also found out while I was down there that I no longer have my part-time job with Worldmark by Wyndham. This is not a good thing, I have about $700-$800 worth of monthly bills I need to cover and I only have enough to make it through the end of January. So I hope a bunch of my craft items start selling. I would love to post new items but I can't do that until I have sold some of the existing items. So shoppers please take a look at my shop any and every little bit will help.

So because of the recent job loss I have been spending the last few days looking for a new job. No luck yet, but I do have an interview on Monday. So wish me good luck please and send me your prayers around 12:15pm (pacific time) on Monday. The interview is at 12:30pm.

If anyone has any suggestions on some things I could do to make some money quickly please send me your ideas. Any and all ideas welcome. Thank you in advance.

Sorry this post is kind of a downer. I promise the next one will be more upbeat and related to crafting. (Still a work in progress)


Dayzee Love said...

Good luck with the interview Country! When I have some cash flow you will be getting a sale out of me! ;P

Hope your grandma is comfortable and happy! :)

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