Saturday, January 3

New Years Resolutions

Ok so one of my New Years Resolutions was to start this blog for my craft business and just because I've been wanting to try it and learn how to do it for a while. So I did that check one off of my list.
Funny thing is I don't really have an official list. Maybe I should start one. What do you think? Do you have a New Years Resolution lists of all kinds of things you want to do throughout the new year? If you do share some of it. It might make me think of some things I haven't thought of that would be a good idea.

I know maybe I should start my list and post it here so everyone can help keep me on track. What a good idea. What do you think? Would you participate if I started one? You should start one too, then we could exchange links and help keep each other on track.

Ok so now I am excited at this thought.

So here is another New Years Resolution:
1) I am going to start my list and post it here for all to see and if I can find a good project tracker to put on my blog then I will track my progress of these items with the project tracker.
2) To the first 5 people who also start lists and post a link to their list here in the comments. I vow to link to your list and help keep you on track if you will do the same for me.

Who's with me??????
New Years Resolutions are such funny things but usually effective for the first 2-4 months of the year. If you really think about it all they really are are to do items that you are putting on a really BIG "To Do" list. That we make into a really big deal because we label them as New Years Resolutions. I'm not being negative, just pondering.....I think it's funny that we make them so much more important than everyday "To Do" items. I just have to kind of chuckle, because I do the same thing.
I am also so bad because I usually have 3 or 4 different "To Do" lists laying around. One from the day before, one for today, one for house hold items and one for my crafting stuff. My crafting one is usually the biggest and longest and never seems to get smaller just bigger and bigger and bigger. Maybe my New Years Resolution list will help me keep on track with those things. Of maybe it will end up being a constantly changing and growing list. Either way I just hope I can learn to stick to projects commitments better this year and finish things and check things off my list.

Sooooo.......Guess I should start my list now.


Dayzee Love said...

Hi Country,

Glad to see another creative person with issues to do with lists! I know they're important but they can get out of hand and need re-organising regularly to make them look less scary!

Dayz :)

CountryCottageCrafts said...

Thanks Dayzee for the encouragement, maybe you'll make a list and we can help keep each other on track.

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